Vision Mission & Goal


“The mission voluntarily opted by the college since 1967 is to take higher education to the very grassroots level of Indian populace living in rural areas, to provide them the opportunities of higher education in order to arms them with the knowledge essential for their individual development in totality as pre-condition of the social development of the area of their habitation for realizing the dream of “Antyodaya” cherished by the great Mahatma as the ultimate goal of “Swarajya

The college stands committed to this mission and pledges to fulfil it.


Goals and objectives of the college

  • To provide higher educational facilities to both boys and girls.
  • To create awareness and interest among students of rural area for higher education.
  • To motivate girl students to pursue higher education.
  • To provide the students all the facilities for their physical growth and bodybuilding including sports and gymnasium activities, since sound physique is a precondition of all subsequent achievements.
  • To ignite young minds for exploring the hinterlands of knowledge and,
  • Finally, to humanize students, in the real sense of the term, to create in them a feeling of love for our nation and feeling of universal brotherhood.