College Committees

The college has a student’s grievance redressal cell. The cell attends the grievances to brought to its notice in an informal way during interaction with students.

  • A drop box has also been provided and students allowed to inform their suggestions, grievances without any hesitation.
  • The suggestion and expectations of students learnt during informal interaction are fulfilled properly. Such as provision of water purifier installed with water coolers, adding sufficient copies of textbooks in the library and making them available for students.
  • Due to effective working of Graduation teacher scheme and discipline committee and compulsory I-Card and dress code, the grievance has not been registered so far students


Grievances Committee

1) Prof. Dr. V.S. Jagtap – Co-Ordinator

2) Prof. Dr. C.R. Kasar – Member

3) Prof. Dr.N.N.Dharkar – Member

4) Prof. Ku.K.R.Kirdak – Member

5) Shri. P.N.Meshram – Member


The College believes in maintaining an atmosphere free from fear, exploitation and harassment. The strict discipline is maintained in the college campus. Women grievance redressal committee is formed by college principal as under.

1) Dr. Kavita R. Kirdak – Presiding Officer

2) Dr. Naglaxmi N. Tirmanwar – Member

3) Prof. Dr. V.S.Jagtap – Member

4) Shri. P.N.Meshram – Member

5) Shri. A. S. Giri – Member

6) Ku. Gitanjali Deogade – Member (Student)

7) Ku. Rupali Gothe – Member (Student)

8) Ku. Pratiksha Jadhao – Member (Student)

9) Smt. Aliya A. Shahezad – Member


To ensure a safe academic atmosphere for the effective learning process. The principal formed the anti-ragging committee in the college in accordance with government directives as under.

Anti-Ragging Committee-

1) Prof. Dr.U.A.Thakre – Chairman

2) Prof. Dr. V.S.Jagtap – Member

3) Prof. Dr. Y.S.Mahure – Member

4) Dr. T.M.Kotak – Member

5) Dr.N.N.Tirmanwar – Member

Strict discipline is maintained in the college campus. The instruction for the Prevision of ragging is displayed at appropriate places. The principal in his address at the beginning of the academic session makes the students aware of the seriousness of the issue. Till date, no incident of ragging has been reported in the college.